Monday, December 22, 2008

Sunny L.A. in December.

This past Friday Jason and I took a road trip down south. It brought back so many memories! As most of you know we met in College and most of our LoVe story began there. L.A. has so much to do and see. The thought of us still living there and possibly going back has left my system for good. I love LA don't get me wrong BUT it's no longer home I now enjoy the beauty of this clean beautiful area we now call HOME.

It feels like Christmas here.
It looks like Christmas here!

We are Blessed beyond belief. I honestly can't write a good juicy I WANT IT list. Jason has never had to ask me twice wait a sec. NOT once for my Christmas list but this year I can't think of anything I really want. I'm having to look online and search. Seriously?? who am I. I'm not saying I feel like Rockefeller ha ha but I do buy everything I want within reason and our budget. We are blessed. Next year I want to prepare in advance our Holiday giving. I think we can do so much more to help those that can't buy through the year. Maybe it's a pair of shoes for work or a toy there kids been wanting for awhile.

I can honestly say I don't know what it's like to truly want and be in need of food. I drove to the store today and saw a lot of people. Ladies with children waiting for church doors to open so that they can get some help. The line was far tooo long and the weather was wayyy to cold. My heart hurt. Some may say that's life. Jason and I see it a bit differently...One person can make a change. One person can be that angel for Christmas.

Side Note: I was not going to write about this but I guess it was on my thoughts... Hey this is what my Blog is for! This is Christmas spirit. Tis the Holiday spirit to give, give to those in need.


jasonquiz said...

Love LA but I hate the traffic down there. OMG it was crazy. I do love how fast everyone drives when the traffic is clear.

Anonymous said...

O! what a beautiful Christmas tree!!
-AGQ Xox

Corrie said...

You have such a wonderful heart Karla. Every time that you write something I think I am either crying or laughing. I am so glad that we can be friends/family through our blogs.

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