Thursday, December 11, 2008

My life right now.

This short two tours are coming to an end and boy have I had a great time. This is what I love to do I can work for hours with no sleep and little food and it does  not affect me. It's such an adrenaline rush. I have no need to ask for a double shot while I'm working with a large crowed. The crew that I teamed up with this time is so amazing. There has been nothing but brother/ sister relationships formed. It's not easy living with 9 others on a 48 ft. Bus!! There is only one white person on this latin fest OUR MANAGER! lol....Kelli whom I'm just loving to work with. In the near future I hope to team with her and do this again. But with who? Don't know....details to come. Stay tuned... ;0 

Its so hard to do what you love and not feel guilty when you have your most precious love living life without you (Jason). It's hard.  I'm so glad though that I'm able to just go for two weeks and be in a tour bus have fun work hard and be home. Jason will be picking me up at the airport. Yipee Skippy. I'll have Sat. off... kinda, I fly home have all day Sunday to do the lovely laundry and wake up on Monday for a fun load of office work! 

The catch.. the most exciting part is that Jason and I drive down to LA after work and stay at his brothers house fri-sat.  We have not seen them since last January. While we attend a friends wedding on Saturday night we get to kill two birds with one stone and see some family as well. I'm really looking forward to having Abby shoot some photos of us! I know we just got married a year and ummmmm 4 months ago BUT every year you change and I want to make certain that it's all documented for our 5,000 kids to see ; ) j/k . 

Working around people who seem to have fame and fortune you really come to realize how empty that life is. Sometimes you can see loneliness and sadness in there eyes. Like a famous rapper once said "Mo money mo problems" it's sooo true. 

Anyhooo enough with the blah blah I must head for my little coffin bunk and sleep while the bus wiggle wobbles it's way to Los Angles for a big show.  

Ps. Today I stood for 2 hours next to the hotties to push (sometimes) the fans out of line once there posters where signed by the artists. It's amazing what people do to just see them for 2 min. some people where in line for 8 hrs. Are you kidding me? I saw ladies crying and about to pass out. I wanted to laugh so hard. There manager asked me would you wait 8 hrs. for a signed poster? My answer: "you want the truth? No way"! 


That Quiz Kid said...

Karla I would stand in line for 12 hours to get a poster signed! (cough cough but only for my wife or somthing lol) anyways have fun I'll talk to you later

jasonquiz said...

YEAH for you being home!

YEAH for road trips!

YEAH for family!

YEAH.... !!!

Anonymous said...

If you are going to have 5k kids, you'd better get moving. I already had 3.5 by the time I was Jason's age (Joel was in the oven). Not that I'm one of those pushy want-to-be Grandparents... ok, I am a want-to-be Grandparent - so..... how about a Christmas present for us and your folks?????
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