Monday, December 8, 2008

On the Road Again....

So I just finished the second leg of the Toby Love tour which was two shows. Los Angeles and San Francisco. Everything went very smooth.

Now I'm working with Fuego en La Sangre
Translation: Fire In the Blood

This is a latin soap that is new but the 3 guys that we are promoting have been in the entertainment industry since I was a weee bityyy girl. OK I confess I was madley in love with all 3!! Now I'm doing promotions for them. Who would have thought??!! Pablo Montero is my favorite and I have so many memories watching them on tv and wanting so badly to talk to them.

Here is Pablo Montero.


Vince said...

You're touring for a novela? (i couldnt find a way to do an upside down question mark in front of the sentence) That's awesome... by the way my skin is getting really really light, does that happen to you and your family during the winter in San Fran? I kinda feel like i'm losing my heritage. i dont know who i am anymore!

Paulina said...

Are they overly dramatic??? Or is that just on TV..HAHA. For anybody that has seen a Novela you know what I mean:)

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