Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Roller Coaster high..go down.

Roller Coaster high...go down. BUT won't stay down!

My emotions fly high and swing back down. The thrill and excitement of just maybe goes into it's rolling. When I get excited, I get ExCiteD! I received an e-mail from the Realtor that our offer was not excepted. I asked my brother "Is it normal to want to cry?". In my mind I want to "handle" it. So I did.. I myself e-mail the Realtor back. I wanted to know why. What did they want to see? What could "I" do?

I'm a hustler. I work hard for what I want and when I do I see results. This time it was all out of MY control. I'm a bit sad BUT I know better. I know that my Jesus always knows best. When its all done with my strength it's not a peaceful feeling.

I'm grateful because my husband is my better half he's everything I'm NOT! Jason's patient, he's a listener, he's kind even when he does not want to be. He shows me truth through reason.

I think. I think A LOT! What I really want is to live a life in our means so that we can enjoy each other and life. I want to work to live not live to work. I know I can't always have my cake and eat it too. DARN! ; ) Right now I pray for direction and joy, in the midst of a lot of concerns and decision making. Not just the house but about my job and education that has not been completed due to so many reasons. None being a good excuse. It's hard being an adult! In a couple years I want to be a mom but before that I want to have some of my ducks in a row to avoid un necessary stress to enjoy it.

This is my diary.My feelings. My openness on paper scratch that on Internet!! I write this to vent and encourage anyone going through similar feelings (the un known). Let's be patient and keep a good attitude.

I have way tooo many things to be thankful for. In 2 weeks (or less) my husband and I leave to Cabo for some good fun and relaxation with great friends! Everything else is just icing on my cake. MMmm cake ; )
Have a wonderful day friends.

I love you.


jasonquiz said...

Wow I am going to print this out and frame it. The day that my wife told me I was the BETTER HALF full of REASON and PATIENTS. I love it.

Koko & Jason said...

Your too cute and you know it! tis true my darling.

Marilyn said...

Sorry to hear about the offer for the house! But as my boss said, if it's God's will he will open that door...they're going through the same thing right now, they've been searching for that right house. No worries, you will find the perfect home for your family :)

You can do anything, I'm sure you'll get to where you want to be eventually!

Corrie said...

We didn't get our first house either Karla but I am so very glad! We love our house and wouldn't trade it. We too are in a waiting period and it isn't easy. I have been in a Beth Moore bible study and it has helped me sing praises even in the storms. We will be praying and waiting with you!

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