Monday, January 5, 2009

BEST Of Christmas O8

Ladies and Gents.. This was a very tough choice to make but the votes---scratch that----the vote is officially in. 
I'm now going to pick from this year forward the most cutest,sweet,smelly, and well adorable Christmas Card ever! So if you send Jason and I a Christmas card you have been forewarned that it just might win. So now with great pleasure I now introduce to you the winner for 2oo8 best Christmas Card.... By: Paulina Speets 
She has won a free starbucks on me. She does not know this so if your reading this you must call to claim your prize. ; 0 
I gave Jason this Christmas Card! He always asks me "Who Loves you?". When I saw this and read what it said inside I chuckled the response is "You do". 

This was my favorite hand made card, it was made with lot's of t.l.c. by my good friend Liz. 
So I received an upset readers e-mail in regards to why I never gave out one of my surprises or favorite something that I said I would... Now I hate to make excuses BUT I have my reasons and I won't make promises anymore because my schedule is a bit messy SOOO I will try to update that as well as photos from our trip to CABO! Stay tuned loves. 

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