Monday, January 5, 2009

Kissed the New Year in Style.

We flew to Denver with Fingers crossed that we would be able to make our flight on Dec 28th. and...Thank you Jesus that we did! We met up with our friends early on the 29th and as soon as we arrived clothing came off and bathing suites came on. A special thanks to my friend who was so kind to let us stay at her home. and boy was it pretty. actually pretty is an understatement...I luv that house! That vacation was just what Jason and I needed. The weather was spectacular and the company of our friends was even better! We brought the New Year in style right by the water. Nothing could have gone better. I did miss my New Years hugs. My New Years hugs from family and friends. 

We are already planning our next vacation. thinking/planning in progress...Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, or Dominican Republic! 

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That Quiz Kid said...

Karla this is proof that I do indeed check your blog when I wake up in the morning. Looks like you guys had a much much warmer new years than we did lol, tell J I love his shades.

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