Friday, January 23, 2009

Fashionista genius.

Daily Duty:

 Coffee in one hand. and I go through my quick fix. I search my top 5 fav. blogs and sites.. Today I came across....Drum roll please! THIS. 
Rental Properties

La Library Boutique Opens

beg, borrow, and steal!

Rent: a four-letter word that deserves another.

Get a new lease on life at La Library, the Mission’s new closet-slash-retail boutique.

Local designer Shaye La McKenney’s petite shop with racks of goods gives customers three choices: rent a garment for a limited time, rent to own, or buy outright. (Why hasn’t anyone done this before?)

Her vintagey assortment includes sportswear and frocks by indie designers, jewelry, real vintage footwear, and saucy Mary Green lingerie (renting this is not an option).

We fell hard for McKenney’s signature Red Fox dress collection (very boho DVF) made on-site from knit jacquards, organic cottons, hand-loomed silks, and French-milled lace textiles designed decades ago by her mom.

Her prices will make you feel like borrowing is a steal.

And maybe put the “own” back in loan.

*I thought about doing this O so long ago! I should have jumped on that.

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