Monday, January 19, 2009

Roller Coaster high..go UP. Part 2

Pretty Pleeease

Restless. Yes restless would be the perfect word to describe my past, current, and future emotion.  Jason and I are living with my wonderful parents in my wonderful home. However, it's been some time now... Prior to moving back home we had a pretty good size place. Now we managed to just bring home our necessities and store the rest (my green sofa : ( ) I just miss my stuff. I feel like I don't have room. room in my room. 

As most of you know from past posts... The first offer we made was rejected! 
We thought we found "IT" The perfect house. The one we would start our family in. The one we would host all my themed parties at. The one we would bring our baby home to (PUPPY) from the adoption place. ; )
BUT...God had better plans. Like always. But first I had to go through some stuff. 


One day (last Thursday) after sitting in my nice leather seat for several hours, I began to search for homes ( It's been a Blessing to have access to all the programs since my parents are Brokers). My hubby buddy asked if I found anything new and nice..My answer was with tears starting to trickle..

"NO. We can't afford anything in a perfect area with 2 rooms".... I totally understand that we are just starting out our life together and just being able to think about a purchase is a great achievement. I got soo frustrated and discouraged. Which was dumb.

 Every time I try to do things on my OWN STRENGTH I bend and back down then.. the coaster goes down and I raise my hands and surrender and the good stuff happens (sometimes).
Story mom comes in and sees me and knows right away what to do..pray. so j, mom, and I do that. She says now look again. Gezzz I told her I have been looking all through the day nothing has changed in a min. I begin to check and I find one I love.I began to laugh because I told Jason whoever is the realtor SUCKS they took the worst photos of this house, it strung my curiosity and MY UNCLE is the realtor!! 

He did not even know J and I where looking. That particular place is more that we dreamed of for our first place. We don't plan on being there too long BUT it being that potentially perfect would be OHHH A DREAM!  

That next morning we placed an offer and the seller signed the offer and is now in the hands of the lender while they decide. PLEASE Pray. The short sale process takes 2-3 months. I have dreamed about this place ever since. It has 2 bedrooms and a loft that's upstairs, that's just what we need so that Jason can decorate it and have all his  computer gadgets all over the place. 

If you happen to think of us. Please say a prayer for this to happen.

** I'm a Anthropology lover. Here is a new room display. I can't wait to decorate. I'm ripping out pictures of what I like from Domino and checking out Anthro's site for ideas. 


Anonymous said...

I happened to stumble upon your site. I will be praying for God to provide and open the doors to your familys future home.

If this is the place that God has for you two, that he may allow the process to run as smoothly as possible.

Blessings from a "hermana en Cristo in Georgia."

koko said...

Thank you so much for your prayers & encouraging words. How did you find my blog?


Marilyn said...

I pray that He opens the doors for you and your wonderful hubby! It'll all work out, you'll see, don't be discouraged.

Lorissa said...

Exciting! We will be praying, keep us updated.
Love you guys.

Corrie said...

Karla our prayers are with you. I hope that you get it! It is wonderful to have your own space but it is most wonderful to be in His timing. Hooray for your mom for stopping to pray. You are truly blessed.

Anonymous said...

Buenos dias!

I'm not for sure how I ended up here but i think It might of been through Shylas Blog. I went to the same school as her back in Cali and like to follow up on her success as a photographer now. I don't even think she remembers who I am, but I find her work to be amazing.

Still praying for your casita :)
I'm really considering opening up my own blog. Looks like fun!

Blessings Always,

koko said...

Mari- Yes! you should start a blog. I went to school with Shyla as well. hmmmm L.P.C.? Your comments are sweet.

Thnxs for your support.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I was there for two years and loved it. I miss Southern Cali. I was born and raised there, but moved to GA three years ago.

I'll start working on my blog this weekend :)


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