Saturday, January 31, 2009

Functional.Cute. Pretty...YES please

I was a work. Boss woman needed new supplies. I got a coupon. Office MAx here I come! I find that store exciting. As weird as it may sound, yes I do. 

Call me neat freak. obsessed. OCD. Over the top. & I will smile and say "Thank you". I find that to be a complement. 

I married a man very different than me in many ways..(that's why we work) One thing we totally see eye ball to eye ball in is CLEANLINESS & ORGANIZATION. Guess what??? I like pretty stuff that keeps my other stuff in order. Check theses folders out. Office Max has tuns of cute things that are prefecto for your home office. I'm a bit "old school"  when it comes to my hmmm things. Most people have there date books on an iphone. I have to bust out my big mama planner. I'm totally okay with that! Jason is sooo techy and I am as well but will NOT bend  when it comes to dropin my big mama calendar. Sorry amor I just won't change some things. Here is a picture of my 2oo9 calendar (I added the apple sticker for J). My 2oo9 wedding style/creative folder. and my folders! 
Get Clean. Stay cute! 

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Mari said...

I quit using cute agendas after my daughter made them into coloring and sketch books :)

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