Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just beAT iT.

Just bEAt it! 

SO much easier said than DoNe right? I'm talking I mean writing about being ya know...skinny. I know I seem a bit crazy considering last night I wrote on how to make the best cupcakes. But seriously it's 2oo9 people so we have kick booty. I'm talking to people like me out there. You know who you are. THe kind that eat more even after your full ( insert droopy eyes here). Have sweets way too often. It's about being healthy even if you are blessed with the skinny gene. 

It's in my Latin blood that I was raised to love the "good stuff" nothings plain. Tacos easy right? NOOO you have to put the avocado, crema, salsa, and cheese! How in the world can I be fit when I know how good food is when you add the "extra" stuff. 

Well I have heard.. a moment on your lips forever on your hips. Soo I'm done being married...BUT that does not mean that it's now time to "let it go"? I want to feel beautiful & be healthy. So with God almighty by my side I'm making a pact with YOU! My lovely Blogger friends. I'm going to be fit. 

* I already work out 4 times a week 
* have lost 10 pounds 
Sooo I just need that extra push!

I feel better already geshhh that felt good. Let me know if you have any good tips. It's a new year. A fresh new start. 

ps. I have 7-seven- weddings this year. The motive is obvious. Brothers wedding is in Cabo. ; ) 


Mari said...

Yes to being fit. This has been the struggle of my life. Last year I made a change in my lifestyle that has greatly made an impact on my health. I'm proud to say that Since Jan 25, 2008 to this day i've lost 30 pounds. The best part is that I did it gradually and in a healthy way. I changed my eating habits and hit the gym at least 4 to 5 times a week. Do I miss the loaded Tacos? Heck Yes! But i've found new and yummy ways to fill that supreme Taco void :)

Thanks for the inspiration. I'm still working on losing the rest...i think i've hit my plateau...pero a trabajar se a dicho!


BTW. I started my blog and it looks horrible! ahhhh, I need to make it look cute :)

koko said...

I want to know how you did it woman! Soo proud of you. I looked at your blog this morning, was going to comment on how cute it was and could not...No posts yet he he silly me. Thank you for being such a dedicated reader I'm glad that I could be of some help for you.

Slow and steady is the best way you are right!

con mucho carino mi blog amiga!


Mari said...

Hello there! I enjoy logging on in the mornings and reading your posts. I call it my breathing time off at work :)

I'm pretty proud of myself too. It's been ALOT of hard work. I made cycling classes part of my life and added strength training and lots of cardio. I'll probably have to work with a trainer to get rid of the rest. It almost feels that summer is around the corner!

Last night my hubby and I were chatting about where we'd like to go on vacation this year. My suggestion: Anywhere that has a beach. That's one of the things I miss about five minutes away from the beach. I'm now surrounded by trees and mountains. It's beautiful here, but i want to get away to a sandy beach...AAHHHH can't wait!

Corrie said...

Lots of veggies and fruit! I try and reach for the fruit when I want something sweet! But dark chocolate is good for you too! Also don't eat after 8pm. Good luck to ya! I need to loose a few too, who doesn't? Just eating healthier will help, that is what I try and do and don't have the sweet stuff in your house, too hard to resist.

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I love it! :)
I miss you! When am I gonna see you??
~Tia Gaby :D

Omar said...

I am getting myself mentally prepared to make a shift in my life and I am going to decide to grow up and leave candy behind. Is there a support group for candy eaters anonymous? if so, HELP!!!!!!!!!! Once I do that I will be able to get that six pack I have always wanted!!!

Koko & Jason said...

LOL~ You and Abby should start one! Gezzz she eats candy all the time.

Marilyn said...

Thanks for the inspiration, both me & my friend love Paco...we had our first training last night, and oh boy, are we sore!! I'm actually looking forward to summer this year with hope & not dread :)

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