Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pitter patter.pitter Patter.

WARNING. WARNING. there are major grammatical errors below. Check another blog if this causes nausea .migraines. diarrhea.

My heart leaped. I almost cried. Should I be embarrassed? Yes, do I care? hmm not so.

Multiple times, well..everyday this past week except today, I have been contacted by multiple brides.

"Karla, help me. My engagement shoot is tomorrow have no idea what to wear.what to do.Clothes?? hair? help. "

I received numerous e.mails. do you like my dress? cake? style? I would reply honestly do some research and send back a couple of e.mails with what I liked for them.

It's not about me it's all about them. I send not what I think would look best on me or what colors I like. It's what represents them. I highly suggest them wearing something that is not soo out of the ordinary, if they don't try "differrent" regularly. You look how you feel. There is no way of hiding that. I hate my arms so I try my hardest to shy away from things that expose that part of my body because when I'm in a room full of people I want to be confident.
When I am...
I walk tall
shoulders back
and a smile.
*Don't get me wrong try new things, experiment. But take baby steps.

I was driving to a friends house alone and I felt overwhelmed with joy. I felt so honored and responsible to give the best advice possible. This is there day. They consult me and trust that I will not let them down. I get emotional when I know that, because of my styling talent I can make someone walk tall and feel beautiful. That has occurred many times, and I tear up. I want women to feel there best and not be ashamed. Sometimes I feel that woman don't take enough pride in there beauty. That makes me sad.

In the near future once a lot of things settle down, and we move into our home. With much anticipation and excitement will start either a website or blog just for brides. That will be a place for them to view my bridal portfolio and receive my contact information.

It blows me away how many people spend money on there wedding and don't invest in there look for the day. They will look back for the rest of there lives. The way I see die, the cake goes bad...The only things left forever is your love & photos. Why not look your best?? Because your so stressed out about everything else! That's why I'm there ; ) me Koko Q. Your super hero!

Check out these pieces that are hand made. I tracked them down from another blog long ago and was freshly reminded the other day from another blogger. The crafty maker sets these beauties at a very reasonable price!
Here is the link to purchase...check out how adorable this blog is!


Anonymous said...

Thats sooo cool BooBooButt!!!
So you can be my wedding coordinator and Abby will be my photographer! haha.
Love you!

Abi said...

awwwww I love you! And so, I wrote you a poem. {to make up for not commenting more... }

Can't wait til we live side.
hopefully not in a double wide.
Thou if its all i can afford, i
it'll be worth it to live next door.

we'll plot and plan our fashion shoots
and cuddle at night with our darling little love poots.

ohhhh what fun we will have
and oh how many dreams we will dream
side by side in a double wide
next to a quite little stream....

Anonymous said...

karla u crack me up... your blog totally just relaxed Sent u a few prayers along the way too ; )

love ya, jessica murillo

and dangit now i have to figure out how to send this... since it's in FRENCH!!!!

Shyla said...

I still think we should collaborate. :)

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