Monday, January 26, 2009

Tea. Cocktail. Dinner.Dancing.

To many having a party or a gathering at there home just might be a nightmare. You might want to make a face like this. Good ol Hilary was asked & look what face she made!

Relax. Take a deep breath.and take some notes. 

I have this list that might help. I'm not saying do the following, and you won't be running around like a chicken with your head cut off 30 min. before family n friends come. To be honest I do! I'm a perfectionist with having my house tidy and smelling glorious. BUT once people arrive I'm chill like lemonade in the Summer baby.


Pre- plan. If all fails and you have 30 min. go to COSTCO! They have amazing appetizers. Just place them in nice serving trays.Large portions low prices. (Gezz did I just make a commercial?)Buy some flowers while your at it! (If you want a list of the best appetizers e.mail me)


Set the mood. No this is not a romantic setting..this is a lovely clean nice smelling home. Music- I don't think I need to explain. Just play music that will set the tone for your night.


Welcome your guests with a hug or kiss (if your Mexican). It's not that hard! When you do that you show them your happy and thankful they are spending time with you. You would want them to do the same if you walked into a house full of people. It makes them feel important.loved.special. Ya get it? 


Introduce people to one another. When you do so, maybe mention a couple things that they might have in common. Ohh hey BOBBY JOE this is Sue she likes photography too. Get it?


I find it a success when I plan a couple- one or more main conversation starters. If you have a party try to create a theme for yourself that will help you focus on it being FUN! If you have people over for brunch focus on having something be the hott item. Sangria. So you create a fresh looking table with a couple different fresh juices. 


OMG. Have fun already! If you look stressed.It's definitely going to ruin the mood of your gathering. I understand it being a stress to some.BUT Forget about your carpet and stuff getting messy that's what the next morning is for. Before I got married my aunt told me something that has stuck to me, she told me lots but one thing was... When you have a gathering and you get crazy over everything after people have arrived remember it all goes in vain if you don't throw in the towel and DANCE. If you want to cry about your messy rug or carpet do that after people leave! 

* I think it's never too late to learn these things. Being a host is a Blessing. You to can be a domestic goddess with style and shnazzy ability to make people feel loved once they enter you home. If you have any tips.ideas. on hosting please share! 


Anonymous said...

I can relate to welcoming everyone with a kiss. Being Mexican, that's what I grew up with. Now that I go to a "gringos" church out here in GA, everyones starting to get use to my friendliness and adding spanish into our

Thanks for the Hosting tips. I'll have to put them all into practice!


Anonymous said...

I love the picture of the "Mom" baking the cake. What you don't know Karla, is that my Mom (Grandma) use to stay up late at night in the early sixties baking cakes for Dad to take to clients. He worked for Proctor and Gamble, and so Mom would bake Duncan Hines (don't ever use the Betty Crocker word) cakes. She looked a lot like that picture back then - memories. Papa Q

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