Sunday, February 22, 2009


(Fully aware Lily allen is on left, i just like the hair)

When I roamed the streets of  L.A. not long ago. I would love to visit her store it was a girly girls dream...Every thing was just dainty with a touch of pzazz funk. 
Tarina Tarantino and Alfonso's love story is just like a fairytale as well. 
I dyed streaks of pink in my hair, totally inspired by her..
I still intend to dye my entire head that way once I don't have an office job. Tarina is young. A total business woman but she's still living in a girly dreamworld. Ohhh that will be my joy one day!Tarina & her husband had big dreams when they got married & where living on a budget. She helped him and he helped work. Jason and I have projects in the mix and he is my helper. When I can't he can. Not only is Tarina beautiful but also a creative mind. She has inspired me to "go for it". Her style is much like mine and her taste for fun and new is my goal. This jeweler is nothing less than wonderful.Check out her adorable website and story. I would tell you the success story BUT I want you to read the book 
So do you think I should pretty myself in pink?
Below is a snap shot of her website. 
Told ya it's darling. The book on the right is her story book, go ahead now and open! 

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Anonymous said...

I don't think i've told you, but I had hot pink hair once, yup my entire head.. just like the pics u have.

-Kitty Kat

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