Saturday, February 21, 2009

teen me again.

Wish I was a teenager again.
So free so fun.
The particular teen I'm writing about is a text professional!
She can text faster than someone on crack!

Bailey is 16. Super 16 that is..The first time I met Bailey she was 5. I feel so old now! (cause i am old) I have house sat and taken care of her while family has been gone. She is and my sweet teen. I can't believe how much she has grown, into someone so wonderful. She makes me feel younger!! Not young cause I' still young.

This is Bailey now....i stole the computer from koko :]
Being 16 is a huge thing...driving,boys,college,drama,and just living life in a mature level.
The first day of freshman year was weird..i saw girls in mini shorts in the middle of winter,their faces caked with make-up,girls all over the boys,and the boys touching the girls. I noticed that people really change when they go into highschool, but you notice that the girls that are caked with make-up and with the mini shorts on get more attention. I thought to myself.."Do I really need to look like that in order to get attention?"
The answer is heck No! Why? Because why pretend to be someone your not. To all the ladies out there going into highschool, know who you are,who you want to represent. KNOW HOW TO SAY NO! So long to the teachers giving you more of that "My dog ate my homework"

Koko Back.

I'm glad Bailey stole my computer...As I just finished reading what she wrote it made me think of young woman my age. I know we are not in High school but sometimes it feels like that. Maybe with our friends or co-workers. I feel that way sometimes with my peers. Girls can be evil. j/k But WE can be tough critics sometimes. If someone you know in your life is thriving CHEER ON! Do you notice sometimes when you say something is going good to a peer jealousy strikes? why? It should not be so. Laugh.Love and be happy for those in love and who are thriving in life.

Transparency: I was jealous once or twice about some things, surprise surprise huh?? LOL. What can be jealousy in a good way God can turn to a Blessing. I felt jealous that my sister was doing something that she loved and was running with it. I was wanting to seek that thing that made me swing up in joy and excitement. Now our relationship has been restored and we are helping each other with several projects. I need her and I'm sure she needs me. The one thing I have been wanting to do for so long just happens to fit in the same line of work! ; ) God make me chuckle sometimes....

this is just a slice of pie for someone reading. This was not my intent to blog about this BUT heck everything happens for a reason.



Abigail Q said...

ohhhhh i love you!

Anonymous said...

I LOVED reading this BLOG.. go Bailey!!!

love ya Fernada.


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