Saturday, February 28, 2009

Peek A Booo!

Sneak Peak!
Today was the day. Today was the day I styled/ set up the set for a concept shoot! Abi from was amazing to work with. She let me work my magic while she ROCKED the camera. Hands down this was a blast. Mila is gorgeous & her personality was just so sweet and tender. She is a school teacher.. Now I can't share the best parts of the day, so I leave you with a sneak peak! No hints shared (sorry). These shoots that I have been assisting with/modeling for will be used for a launch of a New Site so stay tuned & thanks for your patience.

While I was fluffing her hair.."I'm a tiger..I'm a tiger". I think she like it : )



1 comment:

Mari said...

Oh my gosh, i completely skipped on commenting this blog. HOW EXCITING! Look at you doing your thang guuuuurl! I'm loving the chicks make up and hair, soooo stylish!

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