Monday, March 2, 2009

under $25.00

Just a little under $25.00. I'm passionate about making my home a reflection of how we live. I love new and appreciate the old! I like new mixed with the old, a bit of both please! Have you seen the sales at Z Gallery?? If not check it out. Some great treasures can be found there fellow friends.
I was in L.A. this weekend and found a couple of decor. goodies at such a reasonable price. Take a look! Please don't break your bank, there is no need. My favorite Decor magazine is Domino...I won't even get into how sad I'm about the fact that there LAST issue has come out!
Here is a picture of Abi & I in downtown L.A. as she helped me greatly with extra hands and much much more! I look forward to many more adventure with her soon. As we work with our businesses and incorporate each other here and there.. I look forward to working with her. Wooo hoooo for dreams & passion.
Ps. I bet many of you can agree that you need the sofa. & side table.
BUT a house becomes a home once you add the extra..touch.
It's the little things : )


Mari said...

I went and did some home shopping of my own this weekend. I got a bunch of good deals at TJ Maxx...yay! Oh how i wish i were back in L.A. Fashion district...i remember walking those streets and shopping away :( So good to see that you had a great time in Los Angelitos :) I wish you much success in all your plans. Que la luz de Dios brille sobre de ti y abunda de muchas bendiciones!

hgphotography said...

Hey, sorry I took so long to comment you back, but you have a really cute blog! I'm glad that you and Abby had fun this weekend. She really needed some r&r. good luck w/ the new business and I'll hopefully hear from you soon!

koko said...

Mari- I think I shed a tear!! Your words encourage me sooo much! Your a true light of God's love.
Thank you. I know I can only be a great sucess with God's hand.

Lydia- Thank you!! No problemo on the responce : ) glad you got my great job comment. Take care and best wishes for your future.



Alison said...

So great! I totally have those artichoke tealight holders...there is this amazing little shop in Piedmont (nathan&co) that sells delightful, whimsical little treasures. BTW, love the new remodel to the blog....when i get engaged, you are going to be my first call. Well maybe second, but you get the idea :)

Koko Quiz said...

awww Al. I'm honored even if I'm call number 5!! Thank you for the tip...I will have to check that place out! hope your doing well

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