Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A spot of tea?

What ohh no she didn't girlfriend!!
(That's what this look says)

Tonight is tea time.

My girls are coming over for chatting and good scrumptious cookies(store bought). Don't judge! I work full time. ; 0 Tonight is girl night, tonight is the night I will use up all my words for the day,tonight is the night my husband is happy, tonight is the night I lay my head to sleep and say NOTHING! Nothing because I chatted with my girls. You see I always like to talk while I fall asleep Jason on the other hand knocks out! Gezzz Sometimes I feel I need to check his heart. (sigh) it's still beating. I will soon post pictures of a two of my favorite tea pots.

Last night I could not sleep for several reasons..

1. Jason is sick

2. Dog was snoring

3. Creative juices in my brain where flowing..working on a side project that I'm trying to keep low key... Stay tuned readers! I promise to share as soon as I can. Wikipedia reading last night finally made me snooze.

Bless you & jasmine tea rOcks!!



Mari said...

I'm now at work and craving a cup of tea. Manzanilla with honey..mmmmmmmm

Hope you have a blessed & productive day!

Marilyn said...

Love the pic! LOL It says it all :)

Corrie said...

I love tea! I collect tea pots too. My favorite tea right now is either green tea or white lemon tea by Stash. Hope you enjoyed your night w/the girls.

Anonymous said...

Hiya beautiful,
Your posts are sooooo funny, entertaining, and just so fun to read..

I loved our teatime! they are so much =)
I am soooo new to posting.. is it coming thru?


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