Thursday, February 5, 2009

Make up your mind.

Lord what are you doing? Has the weather been weird for you? It's been crazzzzy here. Hot one day and chilly the next! Well I trust God knows why. I always wonder how he plans the weather out! hmmmm?? I have lots of questions to ask when I meet him. 

off subject...
BRIDES: If you have not gone to please do
 so. This site is so informative and offers you so much. I used to view it much more while I was engaged I'm searching for fresh ideas and I keep updated through this site. Have you all noticed how hard it is to find fresh un 80's ish stuff? I'm blown away when I do a google search horrifying websites come up. WELL, not this one! If you actually go on that website today you will see..a little advertisement for WEDDING UNIVERSITY. I'm going one of my dear friends is getting hitched/married whatever you want to call it. (hey depends on your style) She was so kind to invite me to attend with her. I'm sooo excited about it! I know that if it's a featured must do in SMP I'm in..Below is what the site says about it. I will make certain to update you all on how it goes. 

I leave you with this pretty. 

SMP Loves…Wedding University!

Hosted by Viola of Chewing the Cud, together with Four Seasons Palo Alto, Jubilee Lau Events and Jean Marks Weddings is hosting the first ever Wedding University, an all day workshop of practical, useful, HONEST information for how to stretch your wedding dollars regardless of budget. And, they are giving away two free tickets to SMP readers. Just click hereto see the details!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for this event. Thank god the bday party I had rsvp'd to is on Sat! WOOHOO!

Anonymous said...

Hey woman, I saw the poll you posted and I don't watch any of those shows... I'm currently watching King of Queens, 2 1/2 Men, The Simpsons, Tyra, Oprah, Family Guy... Pretty much whatever is on after 4:00 and doesn't require cable.

Peace sista!! p.S.
I don't read/speak French!

Mari said...

Take notes and share if possible! :)

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