Thursday, February 26, 2009

tea.maps.& To do's

In a couple hrs. We will be taking a drive. For business & pleasure. Short & sweet with a mission in mind. L.A. our old home and playground. It's always nice to visit now..& leave!
I have my handy dandy list of items I need for a couple projects I have up my sleeve.
Note: Sorry hunny that I fall asleep in cars. Sorry I talk your head off for the first hr. and then...ZzzzzZZZzzzz the rest of the way! I'm glad I trust you with my life & I let you take the wheel.
On a different note...
Check this out peeps.
When I saw this tea pot over 2 yrs ago..It had to be mine. This was my first wedding gift given to me from my dad. Jonathan Adler is a great place to receive inspiration and shop! Above is a picture of my tea pot..Ain't it darlin?


Corrie said...

I love, love the tea pots! I think I have told you before that I too collect them, but I don't have anything as cute as this. I do have a rooster one though.

Pau said...

AWSOME tea pots! Will miss you this weekend but have fun!!

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