Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Perfume? "What did you say?"

Your perfume is talking behind your back. It's saying all sorts of things about you. It's like a radio transmitter, sending out the subtext of your life. But who's it talking to, and what message is getting through?
HMMM what message does my perfume give? I'm a smelly person. ha ha not like a bad smelly person. I'm the kind of person who loves the smell of a glade vanilla candle & clean sheets. Is it weird that I like the smell of my dog? Opposite extremes..I understand.On my nightstand sits a round glass thingy & on that thingy sits several bottles of perfume. See it for yourself! A good friend of mine got me into spraying a little bit before bed. I think I sleep better now.
Transparency: Don't act like you don't know when your in line at Starbucks and you get that, that smell....It's OLD people. You just know that smell. After you walk away and get in your car..guess what? You reek like it! How to get it off you ask? Not until the next day in the shower. My point is...some smells you just know. You know what it is without using your eye balls.
I don't know about you but, I want to smell pretty. Here is a photo of scents I wear. If your like me & always find something else you need more than want like a new scent. No need to fret my darling, it's a family tradition for me to receive a perfume from someone in my family. So maybe think about adopting my lovely tradition. : )  What do you wear?

Side note: Before I got married I bought a special scent. It was not to be used until my wedding day. I wanted that scent to be imprinted on my brain as my wedding day smell. The scent that would bring me back to the ocean I saw when I walked down the isle. Our long honeymoon in Cancun & Peru (Machu picchu). 

I currently wear...My list is extensive but don't judge. They last me a long time! Plus I think that certain scents are to be wore for special nights....
Dolce & Gabbana "the one"
Nanette Lepore 
Betsey Johnson 
some anthroplogy one ??
Petite Cherie (Wedding scent)


Mari said...

I LovE this post! I never really thought about wearing different scents for different occasions. Currently i'm using Hanei Mori & Burberry Brit. Now that I think about it, i don't remember what scent I wore on my wedding day :( I'm learning so much from you. Gracias Koko!

Mari said...

i had to come back and say...honeymoon in machu pichuu...oh my gosh. I dream of visiting Peru someday, especially Arequipa :)

Corrie said...

I loe the wedding perfume idea. What a cute and creative thing! I would love to remember what I wore, but alas I am not a scent girl. I couldn't while I was pregnant, it made me want to throw up (sorry if too much info) and haven't ever since. I did just try my old fav Happy this week though!

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