Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pretty darling.sweet.& fairy esk of her!

That shoot! The shoot I did with my sister in law for her new website & my portfolio. Sooo she decided to share and well gosh Almighty I must do the same. Here is what photographers call "sneak peak" I call it "Hello lover". These photos don't give much info. but a simple...

I WANT TO SEE MORE. hELLOOOO that's the point ; 0
~onE (1) DAY I'm going to write a children's book & when that happens pretty tea pots and fairy things will appear in the pages. Abby from will freeze a moment in a second that will capture the heart of many princesses. There imagination will float to a fairy land....... I was NEVER a girly girl as a child. My mom was deeply saddened she did not create a feminine princess that she dreamt of. Don't get me wrong she loved me with every fiber in her being...However, no pink for me! NOW I'm making up for all those years of dirty overalls and nasty snails I touched!

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jasonquiz said...

Love it! What great pictures you guys got that day!!

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