Friday, March 13, 2009

DO NOT enter if your a boy. ; )

Undergarments. I'll be honest...I hate to spend my $$ on it (them). BUT I know the great importance of a good bra and undie. Most of the time your clothes can look way better on if your underwear/undergarment's fit right. I highly suggest going somewhere known to get your right bra size. 

Did you know you should get fitted every year??!! Bet ya didn't! I can't give you the real scientific explanation why. But I ask that you just trust me on this one. My mom as always emphasized that lil. fashion rule. YES it's a fashion rule because even if something looks right on a hanger it does not mean it's right for you!  After you play around with some tools (spanxs) or tights it just might work (insert smile here). 

I always swore Victoria's Secret was the "it" in undergarments boy ohhh boy was I wrong! It was so cool in H.S. to walk around the mall with a V.S. bag.. It was like  EEWWWW la la nobody would see my undies but it was like your a grown up. The pink bag.the tissue.the smell. I won't lie I kinda miss buying my undies there! 

When I worked for Betsey Johnson all the girls wore HANKY PANKY. After making a wise $ investment (I cringed) at that moment chuchingggg I heard. I'm fully aware of the fact that I sound like a penny pincher BUT if you knew me I'm a penny pincher in very few things....
Now back to my point. ONCE I got my bum in these "HANKY PANKY" thingy mobobers 
My mom & I are HUGE Nordstrom Rack lovers.let's just say if they had a WE WOULD totally join. LOL. (I can visually imagine chairs & tables) 
"HI, my names Karla & I have been an addict since my youth" 
I just want to share with those that read my lil. secret maybe you know already sooooo bare with me YOU CAN PURCHASE HANKY PANKY at a lowwww price. Can you guess where? ; ) 
Nordi's Rack! 

Have a blast this weekend & remember your bum....your  bum....wants to...relax in Hanky Panky!

F.Y.I.- Since this glorious experience I have cleaned my drawer of any V.S. garments 

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Abi said...


i may have to try them....

however, i must say, granny panties are pretty comfy too. ;)


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