Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sporadic goodies. and I think I like it!

Be real. Look at Tuffy. True beauty! He lost a tooth & is still smiling. I'm not saying don't get a tooth fixed if it chips...Just saying be a smiler if your not loving your hair today ; ) 

Cake girls ROcK. I could not even find my favorite 
   cake picture....this one below does not do any justice!

We ended Jason's Birthday with a movie. 

Husband man sent me a link to one of the most amazing things...
It's our baby. he he just listen! Remember a couple posts back
I wrote about Tarina Tarantino and how loved her stuff?
WELL....she collaborated with Kidrobot!
Jason & I are into Kidrobot....I just find it totally cool 
that an artist that we are into now, at the moment 
has collaborated & have made these pieces
of lovelies for you & me (jewelry together!) check it out. 

Paulina my good friend is always sending me links! 
Links to beautiful & yummy & adorable things.
from tutu skirts to cakes in shapes of lingerie. 
Cakegirls is based in Chicago..
I'm going to be there next week!! I'm not sure if I will 
have time to stop BUT I will be sure to make the attempt. 
I'll be blogging about it IF I go ; 0 

Your Koko.


AbiQ said...

your too freakin cute. love tuffys missin tooth. so hot right now

Mari said...

You guys are so cute together! And your puppy, he's adorable!!!

Safe travels and hope your having loads of fun!!!

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