Monday, March 23, 2009

This is us. This is our story!

My husband dedicated this song to me. If you want to know "us" this song was written just about us! (Not really but my word it hits tooooo close to home) Every little thing. Jason heard it and quickly came to me.Kissed me & said listen to us. : ) I could not share the video on Youtube because it was disabled BUT you can go on and watch/listen. 

Sung By: Brad Paisley
Little Moments 


Corrie said...

So cute. Funny because I just heard this song for the first time on Thursday on American Idol and I thought that it reminded me a lot of Matthew and I. I did crash his truck the first year we were married. Brad always has good ones and the video was too cute. Thanks for sharing!

PAU said...

SUPER CUTE:) I am going to make Mike dedicate it to me too! hahaha

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