Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ya Know that feelin?

eyes red + itching+hurting
tired+ exhausted

Ummm check mark after all those above! I'm now in Dallas and tomorrow is our first show day I flew in yesterday...For those that ask for what? what show? I'm working on the Keith Urban tour.

I have been eating a good amount. OKAY huge amount of Mexican or Tex-Mex..Point being I need a run and it's only day 2! Buttt I was a good girl and decided to go with a veggie platter...Ohhh what?! I know it was a tough choice but I stuck my fist in my mouth as soon as I ordered soooo I would not go back on my choice : ) Be proud!

Well friends I'm off to my starched bed sheets that are filled with no husband and pup.

Sweet dream~

XOXO your.

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Pau said...

Miss you!

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