Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jason Update # 2

hOpe YOU all are having a great Easter!! My whole loud.loving.Mexican family came to the hospital...WOW. Jason must have to feel the L.O.V.E : )

My tia & mami stayed at the hospital as they forced me to go home with Zoe. and eat...My cousin was required to supervise that the above was done!

Sooo I'm back now and comfy ready to wait....Some heart testing have been done and so far so good! Mainly just waiting...Tomorrow the head honcho Doc. will come in & give us all the results for the tests that have been done.

For now they are watching his fever and symptoms. I'll keep you all posted as soon as more info. is passed down to me! BUT for now another night at the hospital : (

OHH by the time I got tia requested one of them fancy chairs from the preggo department to be sent to my room since I slept in a nasty UN comfy chair last night..They somehow figure out how to well..Pull some strings, and that's totally fine with me! Tonight's luxury baby-It's just like the Ritz!

Kisses & L.OV.E
Koko Q.

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