Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jason Update # 1

Hello fellow readers. As I twitter updates on Jason's status we have been blessed with tuns of calls and prayers asking for God's hand of healing on him and if there is anything you can do. So this is a THANK YOU post as well as an update.

As I received a call from the doctor at home yesterday asking me to bring Jason to the ER..I thought WE NEED PRAYER! But...I was not sure if I wanted to post.twitt.facebook. about it...Then I thought WHY THE HECK NOT! This is the time more than anytime to post.facebook.twitt about what's going on.

A couple years back (3) he had very similar symptoms like the ones he is having now. Night sweats.fever.shortness of breath.weakness. loss of appetite. cough. and weight loss. Nothing was done about it. It went away in a couple weeks. He has had these re ac-curing symptoms since then. Only this time it has worsened...I quickly got on the computer and researched his symptoms and I immediately thought it was pneumonia...tests have been done and that's not it.

To make this short...Plenty of testing has been done and we are now waiting to hear back what is going on in his body. I'm sad to see my husband lay in a hospital bed looking so weak and tired. BUT at the same time these doctors know it's not just the flu and they want to find out what the root of his issue is. Thank the Lord this is not something severe...but it's not something we want to ignore or not ask God loving people to PRAY.

The doctor is watching his heart and symptoms closely. Because it's Sunday the main specialist will be coming in at around 12pm. I will be keeping you all posted as soon as we know anything. Right now it's all just a bunch of waiting....

With lots of love and gratitude.

Karla Quisenberry

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