Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lesson learned. Done deal.

Last years taxes=

I tracked down the amazingly awesomess of a guy/old man that did our taxes last year.. Called a couple H&R blocks saying....

ME: Excuse me is there a big black man, who is a master at taxes. Can't remember his name. But we love him. 
Lady: Ohhh you must be looking for Paul
Me: Yes Please! Need help. Now. 
Lady: Come on in at 4pm
ME: Thank you. Thank you. 

2oo7 was a lesson learned. Nothing went terribly wrong BUT things where messy and unorganized. When Paul assisted us he gave us some pointers for 2oo8. I went home made check marks next to my TO-D0 list given by the master himself and I was happy to highlight them once done! 

This year he gave me an A+ I had everything receipts.lists. folders. and all that jazzzz. You want to know the secret to my SUCCESS? I bought supa duppa cute organizers. Today I put away 2oo8 and took out matching box 2oo9. Labeled it all and put away stuff that's already accumulated for 2oo9. Why am I soo stinken weird. Doing this makes me happy! It satisfies me. 

Sooo my point to this post, you ask? ORGANIZATION pays off. Granted my room is crammed with everything we own in a tiny room and that SUCKS. But I have a system & it works for now. 

Your Koko. 
The loving organizer...

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