Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Source of Strength!

I have been multitasking for some time now.
Non-stop...Peet's Coffee keeps me...
goin. & goin. &  goin
I have made a huge conversion.I'm no longer a Starbucks LOVER. That's it! I said it! Sue ME! Real lovers of coffee. good.strong. coffee don't like that crap! BUT as much as I lOVE Peet's if there is nooo HOLY WATER I mean Peet's around I will SETTLE-yes settle- for Starbucks.  

Below: Jimbo- Tour friend. He's sooo cool. 
While in Philly a couple weeks ago. I went on a night stroll...Here are some photos i took. To be honest. I'm not a huge fan! Sorry~ The architecture was amazing though..The history in old town.Marvelous

Ps. Fully aware i look crazy in the photo above, BUT with that you get the point ; 0 

Your Koko

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Pau said...

Real Woman drink Starbucks! jajaja (thats HAHA in spanish)

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