Thursday, April 16, 2009

A little bit of this & that

I'm anti-finger licking and sucking. 

Ladies & gents not at the table! 
Last night that "rule" went out the door.  

It was just like any other day...My good friend Lydia (since forever), called and said I'll be over in 5 min. I jumped in the shower to hit downtown with no agenda. Quickly it turned to dinner time after hours of little girl fun.  

I set out ravioli for din.din. NO sauce to be found. Lydia was my angel last night. Let me tell you a bit about her... Our friendship goes way back and since I can remember that girl now woman was always in the kitchen. It's all paid off now, all those hours and passion to perfect the most finger licking good meal. 

She graduated from the culinary school in San Francisco. 
Worked under Ritz Carlton's top chef! 

Yesterday she taught me from start to finish awesome kitchen lingo as well as how to make the BEST sauce. I used only what I had- NO trips to the store. She picked rosemary from our garden & creativity was used. If your like me you can cook to get by..I want to learn more. I'm a hands on learner and she was wonderful!! 

Lydia will be giving cooking classes beginning at the end of the month. Please contact me for details. She has a blog as well. 

Champagne is a must while cooking dinner. What a + plus. 

drum roll please....
semplicemente perfettomeraviglioso. 

Your Koko. 

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Corrie said...

I'm jealous. I need cooking lessons. I do my best and am always willing to experiment. Matthew loves anything that I cook but I would love pointers. Take advantage girl! Oh, and by the way, sauce looked great. I had raviolis tonight too, store bought, olive oil for sacue. ;-(

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