Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I just can't say enough.

My brother's soon to be mother in law is awwing. This past Sunday we went to her jewelry show. I walked in and my jaw dropped. The colors.the display. THE ART! I have seen her work before and it blew me away this time around I was speechless. 

I was jealous of her God given talent (good way). Everything she makes she does it by hand. I know this is going to offend some BUT...it's my blog so please be patient. I think some stores are overrated in the jewelry department. J.Crew has beautiful designs but in my opinion wayyyyy over priced for the quality you are purchasing. IT'S PLASTIC! 

Don't get me wrong every time I would go in I wanted to purchase it all. BUT now my friends I think again. I think about Hasina Designs. She makes all her pieces at home. The stones she uses are real and when you buy your precious jewels they weigh a bit because it's real. This past Sunday I bought my favorite piece yet. It honestly felt like I bought a $500 + item from Bloomingdales or Sacks. Hasina's prices are astonishing! I love to shop for good quality at a reasonable price. I was thrilled to take home a piece that was so precious and I did not break my bank or have to come home to the hubby biting my nails. : ) 

She can make it all if you have a piece that is an inspiration to you she can make it. Contact her. I know I sound like she is paying me to do this BUT she is not. If you know me I get excited for people who use there gifts and don't abuse others $$$.  

Hasina Haschemi you are incredible & I hope and pray your business thrives!!

PS. Kinda silly but the picture of my necklace is not up. Sorry my camera was left in L.A. : / coming soon.promise. 


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