Wednesday, May 13, 2009

lovely legs.

The sun is shining but just not enough here in the bay. Ya know those days that are meant for you to just lay under the sun?! None of that here. BUT everything inside of me tugs me to wear Springy dresses & shorts. Hmmm that creates a problem. I'm Hispanic but the color of my legs can fool you. They do me...Sometimes I wonder ; ) 

I was introduced to a product I have held ohh so close to my suitcase and vanity spot in my bathroom. It's the duhh product of course I'm taking you with me. FLAMINGO fancy! Flamingo fancy can be purchased and brought to your home to make you look like a Sun Goddess. Apply with caution you can be transformed with just a lil. dap. 

benefit-sales this marvelousity. 

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