Wednesday, May 13, 2009

try green.

Wouldn't it be lovely... As a kid I would visit my grandma hand wash my clothing and let it air dry like such. [look.above.] I complained and mumbled under my breath how I thought that was odd. No matter what she refused at all costs never to buy a washer & dryer. We offered she declined. Now...I have learned a thing or two. I have started to hang dry some if not most of my clothes. 

Your clothes tend to last longer and you save some molla as well. Why not?! Not to mention you can slowly become a member of the [green family] : )

Just think about for thought. The down side you ask? Ummm my clothes tend to be a bit more stiff. Ohhh that brings me back to Mexico. So....watcha say, wanna join me? Together we can make a change. Gezzz I sound like a Girls Scouts


mrs. quiz 

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Corrie said...

Go for it! The greener the better I say. I hang a lot of our clothes out to dry. I can say though that I don't really like the stiffness so I put them in the dryer for like 10 min and they fluff right up. But sheets, towels and such, outside drying in the sunshine. Way to be green Karla! My husband and I have an on going contest of who can be the greenest. It's fun, saves us money and helps keep the planet around for our girls. God does call us to be stewards. Keep at it.

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