Thursday, May 14, 2009

picture this!

So.... first comes l.o.v.e.

Then comes planning!!
Then comes marriage.....

Imagine this. You seek out "the one" translation: The one photographer that will document the best day of your life. The one that will forever have a finger print into the rest of your families life. The one that will translate to your children what that day looked like. 

Emily & Royal found the one! Noa from Feather love photography posted a FREE wedding package [Contest}. Guess who won.... Emily & Royal. To be honest. I don't know them! BUT if you follow my blog you know I'm a follower of L.O.V.E. The story of others i do's and how they got there fancy me.  Alison happens to be.... 
a. friend 
b. a blog reader. 
c. Royal is her brother. 
SOOO when this HUGE amazing news came along she was kind enough to shoot me an e.mail. I share the joy of these two love birds. Strangers yes, but I know the joy they feel... soo it makes me feel like they are not so strangers. 

I plan on keeping you updated after Noa posts on her blog what I know will be NOthing short of amazingness. ummmm yeah wish I was going to this wedding! 

ps. How hott are they?! 

Best of lo.v.e. & luck 
Emily & Royal. 

love. lover.


AbiQ said...

So cute! The best part is I already followed the photographers blog! I just hadn't checked it in a while! Can't wait for their wedding post! Should be AMAZING!!!

Alison said...

Presh! This was so sweet of you Karla!

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