Friday, June 26, 2009

Hi Honey. Honey.

Honey has several natural properties that make it a good choice for skin care. Honey is a humecant, which means it retains moisture. Honey has also been proven to aid in healing skin irritations and abrasions. Using a facial mask made with honey once a week will give you supple, glowing skin.

  1. tep1

    Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and rinse thoroughly. Using a facial mask on unclean skin will lessen its effectiveness and could cause dirt and bacteria to settle more deeply in the pores.

  2. Step2

    Soak your wash cloth in hot water. Wring it out and place it over your face. This will open your pores and prepare your skin for the antimicrobial effects of the honey mask. Leave it on for two to three minutes.

  3. Step3

    Heat your honey on high in the microwave for twenty seconds. This should be just long enough to soften the honey, making it easier to spread on your skin.

  4. Step4

    Leave your skin slightly moist from the warm compress. This will allow the honey to seal in the moisture. Using your fingers, spread the honey over your face, avoiding the eye area.

  5. Step5

    Use your toothbrush to make gentle, circular strokes over your skin. Pay special attention to areas that have been flaky or dry.

  6. Step6

    Let the honey sit on the skin for fifteen minutes. Wash off using the same gentle cleanser used previously. Splash your face with cool water. You may choose to spritz your face with toner or moisturize with your favorite moisturizer.

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    I have not tried this before But I'm ohh so tempted! If you try this let me know how it works for you} 


The Lil Bee said...

I think I might try this.

Mari said...

i'm going to try this this weekend...haber que ondas ;)

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