Thursday, June 25, 2009

Looking up.

I spent all morning & all day in Seattle being a tourist. I even squeezed in a hair cut at the hippest salon! Yesterday was beautiful in all aspects. Bragging time......bought the sickest dress that has the NY subway map on it!! Ohh yeah. : ) 
When things just don't seem easy. 
They probably are not! 
These last weeks have seemed rough.
BUT despite it all I have had a blast. 
My travels have been great and I have been having a blast...
My grandfather Luis passed away last week.
 I was working in Vegas and headed straight for some girl fun after our show to get my mind of things.....
Next month I will be in Guadalajara to be with my abuelita. 
Sometimes you just need to look up. 
Thank God for what you have and who you have in your life.
 Laugh. smile. & breathe. 
I'm doing just that. 

On Saturday I will be home and I just can't wait. I will have to do all that "boring" stuff like laundry & such so I can really relax. I'm not one to have piles around my house.
Yeahh I'm a bit on the ocd side. : O 

So much is going on in my life it's go. go. go. BUT I'm not and will not complain because taking things sloooow is also scary for me. I confess I like busy. I like To-Do lists. Since I have not been home for a month my list is at 28 Ohh yeah! 
When you have lemons make lemonade. 
Mrs. Quiz 

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Marilyn said...

You've been a very busy bee this past month! I'm sure you're anxious for life to get to normal again :) Miss you!


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