Monday, September 29, 2008

My Darlin Anna Bannana

I have recently stopped Blogging for many reasons.

1. Everyone that checks my blog does not comment...Therefore I feel like nobody checks it, which then makes me feel it's a waste of time.

2. I have told maybe 5 people about it (my fault) so nobody important checks it (except Anna)

3. We have been so busy.

Catch my flow??

This blog has been posted only for Anna (her request)
I know I sound a bit bitter but I'm not just tired I promise. I hope everyone (those hand full) OK Anna I love you have a good week my darling sisiter in law whom I love!!

Note: I'm now a member of a social group called Facebook...Not sure if you all have heard of it. Lol I stopped with myspace about a year ago I think. I went on my husbands account (someone was lookin for me) and saw tons of people that are special to me that are far away....This is a tool to keep me connected and when I want to shoot someone a "thinkin of you message" Facebook is clean and adultish and I feel adultish when I log in. No drama (I think) on Facebook just adults being adults. Enough of that...I shall see what my expereince is like.

Here are some Canada photos of our 1 year anniversary. When I look at these photos I can't stop thinking how time has flown by and how truly Blessed I am to have such an amazing husband who loves me on good days and bad. He's patient and kind...I don't know how we came to be but we are now 1 and I cant stop smiling when I think of US together. He's mine??? I'm His?? Really someone pinch me Por Fabor!!! Plus I think one day maybe in a
year or two we will Lord willing have a beautiful baby that looks like HIM.


Marilyn said...

Just so you know, I read your blogs! :) Ahem, not daily or anything, but it's nice to keep in the loop a bit :)

Lorissa said...

Um, I read your blog too! Don't stop...

jasonquiz said...

Yeah i read the blog as well *cough *cough sometimes =) love you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Karla, I may not read your blog very often, but I sure check out the pictures (like a kid checking out all the pictures in a book before he reads it). Keep it up, and add a few more pictures for me! Love ya, Dad

Mama Quiz said...

So, now I'm a nobody, or at least not an important anybody!! I read your blog girl. You are the reason I blog so you better not stop. I hate to write so you're lucky you get any words on my blog and not just pictures. DON'T look for too many comments from me, I save that for Anna!

Anastasyia And Tiqvah. said...

Whoa, that was truly touching, Thank you ;]

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