Sunday, November 23, 2008

Changes. Lots of Change.

Yes I'm fully aware that my Blog changes frequently. The reason you ask? I never fully like it. Jason is a minimalist and prefers clean lines and loves white. So this look is for you baby. Yes I intend to keep it clean for some time...or until I get bored = 0

Ps. Today Jason and I asked my friend if we could borrow her little angel Sophia for the day. How did it go? Perfecto. Sophia is the most well behaved baby EVER!! She did not cry. not once. The cutest thing she does not speak or understand a lick of English. Jason used every word in his little brain that he knew. It was precious! I have been batting my eyes.."Jason I want a little you running around" so with that said...I borrowed Sophia because I thought I would change my mind. PROBLEM it went way better than I expected. I want a baby..But a perfect little angel like Sophia.

Hope you guys are having a great Sunday!

1 comment:

Paulina said...

Aww I did not know you felt so strongly about Sophie:) Yes Sophie speaks Spanish but she speaks english too..and you are right she never cries or barks!!

You are talking about my SOPHIE right??

hehe :P

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