Saturday, November 22, 2008

My roots.My Mexico.

Hola amigos y Familia espero que esten bien. Escribo esto con mucho carino.

Last Night was fun. Jason and I went to a traditional Mexican Birthday Party. What made it a perfect night was the taco stand,mariachi, and of course the main ingredient..Mexicans who have memorized all the mariachi songs! Jason and I are very much submerged in my culture since we are living at my parents house. Do we like that?? OF COURSE. I have told/warned Jason our kids will only speak Spanish first sooo with that said HE must learn.

I have been craving to know more about my Country- my Culture. This house party that was celebrated to the tee with all the food, music, and what seemed like hundreds of little kids running around could not have been more me more Mexico style. I'm proud to live in this land of freedom and opportunity But my heart loves Mexico and it's people. The way of life is simple,social, and full of warm inviting hearts. If your not "blood related" that's okay we will treat you like that in 10 min.

Tonight I felt like bragging about Mexico and it's people. I'm so thankful that my parents made me learn Spanish even though at times I felt embarrassed or ashamed because it meant I was "lower class". Those that think that well.. frankly I don't think there opinion matters because they have probably never traveled to the heart of Mexico and are not cultured. I'm now mature enough to be grateful and appreciative and want to pass that on to my own family.

My grandparents are sick so Jason and I may make a trip out soon..very soon to visit them in Guadalajara, Mexico... I want Jason to see where my dads parents lived, where my brother was born, where my mom went to school, and well the list can go on as you can imagine. I'm the first one born in the United States out of my entire family!

my little Mexican

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