Friday, November 14, 2008

The File Is In..Results to come!

Yipee skippy! The results are not in yet..BUT we will find out next week. Yesterday my hunny came into our office and we filled out all the documents to be approved for a loan.  Jason and I are wonderfully blessed with my whole side of the fam. being Realtors. We are going to start looking sometime next week. 

Living in the Bay Area is so expensive and well as you know the market is in our favor..We are first time buyers and proud of it! = ) 

Something rather darling. I'm not interested in buying our dream home
 1. We can't accord it 
2. We have our whole lives to find it. 

I look forward to painting, putting in new lighting fixtures, and hopefully some super hotttt wall paper. For all of you that say ewww you don't even know... just watch. My favorite decor magazine that I write ALL over and tab and droll on is Domino there you will find our decorating style. Jason bought me a Lime green sofa that I miss dearly and think about almost daily. Sadly she is collecting dust in a STORAGE unit. = 0 

To be honest I was a little bummed while searching for a home,condo, or townhouse. All the prices are a bit high and since we are only purchasing with one income they all seemed a bit Ghetto fab. for me. BUT with my handy man husband and a crew of amazing family and friends it will be going from super fab. ghetto to Domino fab! 

Now I feel like I'm talking like I own it already but I just know it's coming soon..  
In case some of you did not know, I collect tea sets. Here is one of my favorites. In my kitchen they will all be displayed. 


Old Chaos of the Sun said...

cannot wait to see the fab quiz home!! yay for decorating!

Marilyn said...

how exciting! your home will be FABULOUS no doubt :)

Omar said...

Your house loan is approved!!! Go get em!! Get'er Done!!

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