Tuesday, January 6, 2009

All Stirred Up Inside.

I feel as if a lot of feelings are being stirred up inside of me just like the photo above. Jason and I have already welcomed this New Year with plenty of changes. Good ones? of course! Now at the moment it may not seem like it BUT that's just cause I see through human eyes DUHH. I'm one to set goals... I have a couple for 2OO9 but I'm going to keep those between a couple people. One that has been greatly stirring inside of me is the one of MAKING A CHANGE! I want to sooo badly go on a mission trip. I crave it. I want it more than anything. I have been constantly sharing it with others. Sadly our local church does not plan them.... But that won't stop us!

This year I will be planning a charity event and with the money made we are going to make a difference. While living in LA Jason and I would make a continuous effort to go to our friends orphanage. Nothing could ever make me happier than spending time there and making a difference. Just playing and being there was enough. 

I'm doing my research as to what organization and from there on the rest is history...If your a follower of my blog geeshhh you must know that I already have a music list for the charity fashion show. If you know of any Christian orphanages, please e-mail me karlaquiz@gmail.com If possible I want to begin to plan so that we can go, go to where God sends us! Now if it was for me I would bring all those kids home. Maybe one day. = ) 

Ps. Our calendar has already been filled with weddings this year (5) at the moment but maybe more to come...with that news that came I was a bit bummed to be honest because they all are weddings we have to travel to..BUT God's in control and if I leave it to my calendar to decide when is best I'LL never get around to it!!

Pss. You might not want to go on a mission trip and that's okay. I do want to remind you though if your not involved in a outreach or helping where your hearts already tugging your missing out. This is a new year..Be a better you. 


Marilyn said...

If you got to an orphanage let me know!! This year I really want to focus on that with Alia so she can not only learn to give, but also so she can realize how blessed she is. So let me know, k? k :)

Corrie said...

You touch the heart of things Karla. Thanks for inspiring others to give. My heart yearns to do some giving back this year in some way too. It is really hard to find the time with two small children but I am a giver and I know that I have been missing out. To give is to get in return! Thanks for always sharing your heart.

Mom Of Many said...

Stir girl stir!! Can't wait to see what's in the "mix"? (Get it??)

PS Love the pictures!! You must have one very talented photographer! =)

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