Wednesday, January 7, 2009


First book purchase of the year. Yipee I went to Costco with a goal set. Buy book Buy Flowers and thank the Lord that was what I did. I walked out with no pastries no cookies and I felt 10 ft tall. As I would walk up and down the row of books my eyes would of course go straight to the bright and pretty books! I went & looked at a HUGE InStyle wedding one and OOhhh boy my claws scratch that fingers did not want to let go, I was thinking he he for the coffee table. Wait I don't have one! Done deal decision was made geshh I think I'm sweating at this point. LOL

Because I'm so freakin ADD I read the first chapter of Azar's book to see if my brain could understand and get a bit sucked in and sure enough I DID! ***sigh*** I wanted to find that perfect book and people, I think I found it.  : O 

I have an uncle who is from Tehran and I'm very much interested in understanding more of that culture and what it was like for this young girl/woman. My uncles mom would tell me stories of what life was like, I feel a bit of a connection. Not that any of my stories relate but I have a picture in my head of what it felt like to be a woman in Iran. It's a huge city with no freedom! You walk your city streets in fake smiles..Your family name and what you say are everything. 

Here is a short description of what it's about:

Azar Nafisi, author of the beloved international bestseller Reading Lolita in Tehran, returns to Iran and her childhood inThings I’ve Been Silent About, a deeply personal reflection and exploration of a young girl’s pain over family secrets and a mother’s lost life, a young woman’s discovery of the power of sensuality in literature, and the price a family pays for freedom in a country beset by political upheaval. 


Marilyn said...

You should also ready the Kite Runner and his last book, splendid thousands suns, something like that...hee hee, i'm such a book whore, i CANNOT go to a store without buying a book! whether it's safeway, wal-mart, whatever, i LOVE books!!

Omar said...

you didn't mention us going out to dinner? Gzzzzz I didn't make your memorable moment cut?

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