Saturday, January 17, 2009

Countryside. my wonderland

I can brag. I want to brag. I will Brag...

My honey and I took a wild ride it was a whole 10 minutes away! Life has been quit hectic lately and as I began to get ready for my day I decided to spark up the idea of a "hike". Jason and I have a different opinion as to what we consider a hike...It was a hike! He was thinking I'm going to get the camelbacks ready. I'm thinking WHAT it's just a small one. 

Anyhoo we had mixed thoughts on what we thought was a hike. Once we got there it was awwwing because it was only 10 min. away and it felt as if we traveled a looong ways away from home. I feel so Blessed to live in such an amazing area. I'm 30 minutes from the city and 10 away from the Countryside. 

To top it off there where horses, cows, donkeys, and Ostriches. 

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Abigail Q said...

beautiful!!! I wish I was up in san fran already and we could do a photoshoot!!

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