Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Love me tender love me SwEEt.

I love getting the mail. Not bills though. You know the William Sonoma catalogs. Tonight I looked at the new "stuff". Ohh how I love kitchen gadgets! 

REMINDER: V-day. Love Day is coming around the corner to bite you. Not really but it will if ya don't plan.  

I have a sweet tooth, a Big one. Hence the reason why loosing 5 pounds is difficult! My hubby on the other hand prefers salty foods. He's in a bit of trouble...I love to bake way more than cook sooo he's the main chef in our home. Ya see I tried being a good cook but truth be told he kicks my butt at it every time. I finally surrendered, the title is his (ohh darn). Don't get me wrong I cook just not that good. 

I did some reserch for... YOU! I want to purchase the cupcake heart trays BUT did not want to spend that much. Target has them for half the price. I plan on making these sweets for family & friends. Have you seen the lil. boxes you can buy to place the cupcakes in? 
www.sugarcraft.com they have everything you need to make lovely desserts. 

Sprinkles cupcakes just opened in the Stanford shopping center! Now you know where I'm asking Jason to take me this weekend. You can buy the mix at William Sonoma for $14.00. Now I think you can cheap out on some baking tools but not your mix! 

If you make these cupcakes send me pics. or you can mail me some = )

Note: Sprinkles mix was introduced to me by my good buddy Paulina. 

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Anonymous said...

Ok, so i'm loving the cupcakes idea. I'm not much of a baker. I'll probably have to practice way ahead of time. I guess this calls for a trip to Target!


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