Monday, February 9, 2009

Bridal Story

We met at Starbucks early bird style, sat at a little round table, exchanged hello's & kisses chatted wedding details. We wore cute and pretty swell. We grabbed our over sized purses and headed to....Wedding University in Palo Alto. This great event took place at the lovely Four Season's hotel, it began at 11 am & ended at 5.

It was quit enjoyable,lovely, sweet, and elegant. I felt like a lady. Style me Pretty recommended brides to attend this event... As we entered the Four Seasons a "bride and groom" welcomed us.

Yes, you hear- read this right. A "fake" bride and groom dressed from head to toe! What did I think?? My honest opinion I was not tooo impressed! The idea was marvelous & fun but the "brides" hair was awful and make up was hardly done right. I know a lot of people attended this event and if you did and are reading this please post your thoughts.
The day was split into several classes. These where the main subject's...

-Photography& Video
-Entertainment& Dj
- Wedding Design
-Bridal Styling
- Wedding planner
I'm probably missing a couple...Can't remember. They where all very helpful and informative for a bride. I can't really say I had a favorite class. The one that I thought could have been more informative and creative would have been the styling class. My friends could all agree with me as well.

One of the best parts was after each session we had a mini break to eat food!! SOOO much yummyness. It was hard to resist the mini desserts,sushi,pasta,chicken, and veggies. I was soo impressed with it all.

All in all this event is definitely a MUST for a bride who needs guidance and some good ideas. I highly recommend it, it was a success. I attended F.I.D.M. in Los Angeles and one of my courses was event planning. We had to fully execute an event from start to finish as a event coordinator, can you guess what event I choose to execute?? A WEDDING!

I'M PROUD to say I got an A+ with a smile for the project & course. It may not seem like much work but you be surprised.... Even though I knew a lot of what was suggested it was a great refresher to attend the Wedding University.

I look forward to assisting brides with there LOOK. A bride is a piece of art that all her friends & family admire sooo it's imperative that she looks her best!

~A special Thank you to Paulina for the invitation, she purchased my ticket to attend this event with my girls~
CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FOLLOWING 2009 Brides. Happy planning & have fun!!
Danielle (bf since h.s.)
Nene (sis in law to be) she is marrying my brother
Emily (friend from l.a.)
Emily (there is two) (sis in law to be)
Lorena (friend)
Amanda (friend)
Linzz (sis in law)

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Mari said...

Thanks for sharing! I visited the site you mentioned a few days ago...i think it's called style me pretty. OMG! Such an awesome site! It made me want to get married again, with my hubby of course :) One of my co workers is getting married in May, so i've shared that page with her :)

Hope you have a lovely Wednsday!

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