Thursday, February 5, 2009

I gave into pressure.

UPDATE: For all you out there that have cared...I went from English to french and now back to basics... English! I have received numerous complaints...I thought it was cute BUT I guess our language is what you prefer.

So no more excuses people..My blog is all in english just for you!

Also, for those who voted this past week TRADER JOE'S was voted numero uno. oh yeahhh. I actually went last night..Yummy have any of you had the low cal Margherita Pizza? Bomb diggity people. Seriously it's cheap and you just gotta pop it in the oven so it's crispy.

Jason cooked a couple pizza's for the family in the "Big Green EGG" a man's best friend. We have cooked(he has cooked) fish, steak, pizza, and tuns more Delicious things on this egg.

* If you try the pizza let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

I loved the French song! ME WANT MORE

Mari said...

I actually liked all the french. My way of going back to the 3 years I took in High School :)

Saludos amiga!

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