Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Something sour Something sweet.

When you have lemons make lemonade.
Rush, Rush, Rush & Rush!!
Last Friday we went over to our friend’s home for some din din
(as anna would say). I wanted to bring over something unique and different. W ell, not just for that reason but because I was running late from work and had no time to do the wine run at the store. Alright that’s the TRUTH! Plus we are on a budget.
I thought what is free. Cute. and nice in my house? The answer was right outside my window..LEMONS. I ran in the kitchen got one of my mom’s cute baskets grabbed my man and a latter. In the rain we picked lemons and branches.. It looked so adorable and our lovely host LOVED it! I must admit I was soo proud of myself.
When attending a party,dinner,shower, or ANY event at someone’s house. It is best that you don’t bring flowers. I know it’s a beautiful.nice.smelly gesture BUT it causes the host to then stop what she or he is doing find a vase & start cutting. Yup if you don’t believe me do some research.
Suggestions on what you can bring.
Something baked-wine-a personal gift- appetizer-or a plant.
*A plant would be ideal the host does not have to worry about a vase or steams : )
I took a picture of my little basket to share with you all BUT I accidentally deleted it.

So I googled the best Koko look alike basket I could find.

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Mari said...

What a wonderful idea! I love it!

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