Thursday, February 19, 2009

capture. the moment.

Camera dance by: Jasmine Star.

You & him.
Time stays still.
Camera do your dance.
Wear color.
Share love.

Details shmetails..
Nelab & Omar
Engagement shoot.
Wedding Cabo, Mexico
June 20, 2009.
Tomorrow is my "day off" NOT! But I'm excited. I'm going to be doing hair & make up for my future sister in law.

I have come up with what I think will be a wonderful concept for the two love birdies.

I scheduled an appointment last week with her to style her for the shoot. We have over 7 outfits! I think we will be more than okay... I was bossy and demanding during our time together.I need scarf. I need heels. Hair tools??

I love working with people that say " I have nothing to wear" I chuckle! That's what Nene said..Sometimes after looking at the same stuff your brain gets a bit blurry. That's when you call me! Once we add belts and accessories it can all most likely work. Now don't get me wrong sometimes it DOESN'T. : (

I have a vision that was directed by her thoughts & imagination that she has gathered through various sources. I will post pictures of there shoot a.s.a.p. folks.

Photos will be captured by: Shyla-

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