Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gone Country- I'm going on the road..again

Gonna pack my bags.....
Well yes I do like country. I like Country music and line dancing. I have done it a couple times and indeed I think it's fun! I also have a southern accent that creeps up every once in awhile! My southern name is Betsey..You can ask my family (only do it at home) Betsey has been around since I was 10!

So I got a call today & I'm going on the road again this time for 2 weeks (18) days I think...

I will be on tour with Keith Urban. I went to his concert a couple months back and Jason and I loved it. The concert was so intimate. I'm looking forward to this tour in particular because I will be on the road with a buddy of mine...She lives in LA & I in S.F. Anyhoo last time we where able to really spent time together was on the Shakira tour in 2006!!
Note to husband:
Hun bun I will miss you so MUCHO! I vow to call you 15,000 times a day. he he : )


Mari said...

How awesome! I'm sure you'll have a blast :)

chef4l said...

AHHH! That's amazing! I have never seen him live, but I hear he's a great performer as well as a great person. Have fun girl!

Marilyn said...

That's awesome, you'll have a blast!!! Take good pics of him, he's pretty

koko said...

he he he is a hotty. Sorry babe! No worries you my number one STUDD muffin

Corrie said...

Wow, so cool. We love Keith Urban around here. In fact I walked down the isle to one of his songs and our first dance was to one of his songs. What do you do exactly when you go on these tours? I hope you have a great time and we will be praying for safe travels.

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