Tuesday, February 17, 2009

For Real?...Gift for you! Read on reAder

I want that! This room was designed by Mary Mcdonald. I would add my touch to it but there is a lot of great ideas..

Day dos
Still at home today in my pj's and the t.v. has still been going... design show after design show. For those that know me sitting still is difficult! With that said my hippie head band is for sale now on www.etsy.com for a whoppin $15.00.If you want one similar but a lil. less runway..I can do it! Let me know. 

Jason and I are STILL waiting to hear if the house is ours. The updates we have received are great so far BUT I want to hear IT'S YOURS! Soo we are still praying. 

Even though the house is not ours the interior has already been decorated. That's right my handy notebook knows where all my gadgets need to be purchased.I dream about my funky wallpaper and tea pots. 

My question for you is..Have you turned a horrid piece of furniture into a marvelous piece of art? If so send me a picture kokoquiz@gmail.com and I will buy you a cup of coffee and a cookie. I'll send you a Pete's or Starbucks card! How does that sound? Now if you have not picked up your DOMINO magazine this month..GO Buy it! 

* I will post winner pictures later. 
SIDE note:
Due to sickness and my weakness my hair has been crazzyyy. Jason mentioned it looks like Anime hair! Now there is noo way I'm going to post pictures of what I look like soo here is Anime hair. 


jasonquiz said...

Actually your hair looks more like my Final Fantasy Figure .

jasonquiz said...

You are still beautiful even with perfect anime hair!!

Mari said...

I went to check out Domino online...great place to find decorating ideas. But i read that their magazine will no longer be available after March :(

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